Social website for restaurant – B2B2C
Startup projectfirst customer acquisition stage

Generation Z is increasingly searching on social networks, rather than on Google, especially for going out.

The main social networks used by Generation Z (TikTok, Instagram) do not have a specific business profile. Instagram, more advanced, combines social network functionalities (discovery, sharing) and some marketing, without offering a solution perfectly suited to the needs of restaurateurs (example: see the menu before booking). Therefore, restaurant profiles most of the time use a link to their website in addition. These websites, even responsive, offer a different experience from that of the social network (world of text, long and cold content versus instant video formats and living).

A new format, more adapted to social networks, can better serve the communication efforts invested on social networks by extending the social experience. New technologies, such as Instant Apps or App Clips, allow the level of quality of a native app without downloading for the end customer from a simple web link.

I created, through successive experiments, a format incorporating the uses of the social story. This format specializes in choice, more than discovery and shares (left to the social network) with the specific functionalities required by the restaurant (example: menu integration).
I also experimented and refined positioning and messaging with Social Media Managers.

I obtained a product version leading to a first confirmation of interest by Social Media Managers (target customers) as well as end users.


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Partoo app

Presence and Review Management tool – B2B
Launch of developments of the mobile MVP (existing web version)

Partoo is a startup in Presence and Review Management (unified information sheet for commerce, centralization of reviews for response). They had a web application and wanted to quickly launch a first mobile version.

The desired level of quality was high: optimal experience and technical base designed for reuse (based on react native components implying an additional degree of technicality).

I brought my knowledge in software design to refine the level of detail of the models (secondary and error flows). I also made checklists for user stories ensuring the required level of quality while refining their scope and making them more conversational (3C), with in particular workshops integrating UX and developers upstream of developments.

The first features were delivered with the desired level of quality and a handover was made with the Product Manager responsible for taking the product internally.


Apps ZEbet et ZEturf

Paris sportifs – B2C
Relaunch produit apps mobiles natives, ZEbet 1M dl, ZEturf 500k dl

ZEturf is a sports betting publisher delivering the ZEbet (football, tennis, etc.) and ZEturf (horse racing) apps. ZEbet’s responsive web app was ported to the Google and Apple mobile application stores, which are more restrictive on gambling. Apple had set a deadline from which gambling applications not offering a native experience could be banned from the stores. The objective was to offer a native app for ZEbet for this deadline, then to relaunch ZEturf.

The relaunch was also subject to numerous constraints: reintegration of ZEbet outsourced until then, coordination between the ZEbet team and the external development team (with methodology derived from Scrum) and constraints linked to the regulation of the gaming market (need for validation by public authorities with validation by independent experts).

This relaunch gave the opportunity to offer an experience more suited to mobile uses.

In particular, I have

  • determined the features that must be replayed for the Apple deadline and those that may remain in web technology
  • smoothed the Scrum development cycle by readjusting the level of granularity of the stories proposed by the development agency (too fine a level not allowing a coherent breakdown in the delivery of functionalities, I INVEST criterion)
  • brought my in-depth knowledge of Apple and Google mobile guidelines to improve the primary navigation of the application (multiplication of primary navigation means on the home page and overall consistency of the navigation proposed)

The ZEbet app was delivered on time, passed Apple and public authority tests, for scores above 4 on the stores.


Apps PSA

automotive sector

Coordination of projects in a big account

Usage analysis and V2 ConnectedCAM workshop

Screenshot of the ConnectedCAM app
Screenshot of the Scan MyCar app
Screenshot of the MyMarque app


Major account apps

Android development in structured teams

  • designer UX, Scrum Master, big developer team
  • variable scrum maturity
  • quality level
Digiposte app