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On the flow of innovation

You are a startup or any other type of business in mobile SaaS❓

I am a Product Manager specialized in mobile SaaS driven by the will to innovate in the mobile world. In particular, I led the product relaunch of the ZEbet and ZEturf apps (2M cumulative downloads) for ratings of 4 ⭐ on the stores.

I seek to be a pioneer in all associated domains, for a better business alignment and a better value. I am in a dynamic of openness, continuous business and product monitoring and social network communication. ✨

Continue to innovate and structure to scale

❇️ generalist PM (Product, UX, Growth, Agility, Tech) for unified vision and work structures

❇️ increased knowledge of native mobile products for better innovation capacity

❇️ strong execution capacity of 10 years of experience in the mobile (3 Product + 7 Tech) to respond quickly to the market

Sylvain Genevée, COO ZEturf
In a difficult context, re-internalization of the ZEbet app, Apple Store deadline for compliance of apps classified as gambling, and in collaboration with the ZEturf teams and the BAM agency, Jacques was able to achieve his objective of delivering a ZEturf app and a native ZEbet app, on the stores, on time (respecting Apple deadline), in compliance with country legislation and App Store regulations.

Savinien Lucbereilh, CPO Partoo
Jacques helped us launch the first MVP of our mobile application. His involvement in the project and his professionalism allowed us to see things more clearly and to propose an efficient delivery cycle. Thank you Jacques!

I work on a freelance basis.