In my opinion, an ideal product team is led by a single Product Manager in a unified working environment for rapid decision-making. A complex environment: very competitive tech market, constantly evolving uses, technological products, requires probing the market frequently and being able to react quickly.

A generalist Product Manager with good knowledge of the associated domains (Product, Growth, UX, Agility, Tech) is best able to lead the business initiative and align the strategy. This takeover of the business initiative can only be done gradually and over time.

My ideal work structure therefore integrates a single Product / Growth roadmap, a single discovery directory (UX / Growth), in an organizational mode such as Nexus.


Product Management is a young field in constant evolution, I seek to adopt the new standards of the job.

The Business Model Canvas for the business modeling.

Evidence-Based Management as a framework to measure the value produced from 4 key angles: unrealized value, current value, time-to-market and innovation capacity.

OKRs for the strategic translation of the vision into business objectives.

Impact Mapping to determine the initiatives to be carried out to achieve these business objectives.

Opportunity Solution Tree to analyze the different opportunities and associated experiments.

Story Mapping to plan the releases.

Design Thinking to structure the design work.

Growth to structure the work of acquisition and engagement.

Scrum to organize the product development work even UX even Growth.